Preparació de la instal·lació

This section explains various aspects to consider before starting the installation.

Requeriments del sistema

Ubuntu 9.10 Server Edition supports two (2) major architectures: Intel x86 and AMD64. The table below lists recommended hardware specifications. Depending on your needs, you might manage with less than this. However, most users risk being frustrated if they ignore these suggestions.

Taula 2.1. Recommended Minimum Requirements

Install Type


Hard Drive Space

Base System

All Tasks Installed


128 megabytes

500 megabytes

1 gigabyte

The Server Edition provides a common base for all sorts of server applications. It is a minimalist design providing a platform for the desired services, such as file/print services, web hosting, email hosting, etc.

Diferències entre el sistema d'escriptori i el de servidor

There are a few differences between the Ubuntu Server Edition and the Ubuntu Desktop Edition. It should be noted that both editions use the same apt repositories. Making it just as easy to install a server application on the Desktop Edition as it is on the Server Edition.

The differences between the two editions are the lack of an X window environment in the Server Edition, the installation process, and different Kernel options.

Diferències en el nucli

  • The Server Edition uses the Deadline I/O scheduler instead of the CFQ scheduler used by the Desktop Edition.

  • Preemption is turned off in the Server Edition.

  • The timer interrupt is 100 Hz in the Server Edition and 250 Hz in the Desktop Edition.


When running a 64-bit version of Ubuntu on 64-bit processors you are not limited by memory addressing space.

To see all kernel configuration options you can look through /boot/config-2.6.31-server. Also, Linux Kernel in a Nutshell is a great resource on the options available.

Còpia de seguretat

  • Before installing Ubuntu Server Edition you should make sure all data on the system is backed up. See Capítol 18, Còpies de seguretat for backup options.

    If this is not the first time an operating system has been installed on your computer, it is likely you will need to re-partition your disk to make room for Ubuntu.

    Any time you partition your disk, you should be prepared to lose everything on the disk should you make a mistake or something goes wrong during partitioning. The programs used in installation are quite reliable, most have seen years of use, but they also perform destructive actions.