Connecting with a modem

NetworkManager doesn't currently support modem connections, so you will need to install the gnome-network-admin package. If you have no working Internet connection, then you will need to obtain this package and install it, see Downloading and installing a .deb package for more information.


You will need to know the following information:

ISP Phone Number; Username; Password; Domain Name Server (DNS) addresses.

  1. Open SystemAdministrationNetwork

  2. Press Unlock and type your password to unlock the settings

  3. Select the Connections tab.

  4. Select Point to point connection and press Properties.

  5. Tick Enable this connection

  6. Choose Serial Modem from the Connection Type drop down.

  7. Under Internet Service Provider data, enter the phone number and dial prefix.

  8. Under Account Data enter your password and username.

  9. Click the Modem tab.

  10. Choose the modem settings you require.

  11. Feu clic a D'acord.

  12. Select the DNS tab and enter the DNS addresses of your ISP.

  13. click Close.