Send and receive emails

Email is one of the most popular ways to communicate over the Internet. Ubuntu includes all of the tools that you need to send, receive and organize email messages.

The Evolution groupware suite is the default email client, and can handle all of your email, contact lists, tasks and calendar needs. It also integrates with the panel clock, giving you one-click access to your task list.

Evolution can be launched by pressing ApplicationsInternetEvolution Mail.

See the Evolution manual for help on how to use Evolution.

Junk mail filtering

Bogofilter classifies mail as junk mail (also known as spam) by analysing the message statistically, and can learn from selections made by the user. The technique is known as Bayesian filtering; you can find more details on this here:

Evolution can be automatically configured to use Bogofilter.

  • Install the Bogofilter package.

  • Open ApplicationsInternetEvolution Mail.

  • Enable the junk mail filter by selecting Edit+Preferences+Mail Preferences+Junk+Check incoming mail for junk.

  • Turn on the Bogofilter plugin by selecting Edit+Plugins

Bogofilter will now start to learn what is spam, based on the messages you mark. To mark a message as spam, select Message+Mark As+Junk.

Alternative email applications

You can also use Mozilla Thunderbird for email. To install it, install the thunderbird package.

To start Thunderbird, choose ApplicationsInternetMozilla Thunderbird Mail/News.

To change your preferred email client to Mozilla Thunderbird:

  1. Choose SystemPreferencesPreferred Applications

  2. Click on the Mail Reader drop down menu, and select the Custom option.

  3. In the Command text box, type thunderbird %s, then close the dialog.