To connect to a wireless network:

  1. Ensure that your wireless device is turned on.

  2. Click the NetworkManager icon in the system notification area.

  3. Under Wireless Network click the radio button next to the network you want to connect to.

If you have connected to the network previously, Ubuntu will automatically connect to the network where it is available.

If you are connecting to a network for the first time, security details may be needed. If so, a dialog box will open. Enter your security details as follows.

  1. In most cases the security type will be detected automatically. If not, select the security type from the Wireless Security drop-down box. This will depend on how the wireless network is set up. Examples of security types are WEP, WPA and LEAP.

  2. Enter the password, key or other authentication details as appropriate.

  3. Feu clic a Connecta.


If you have a wired network connection as well as an wireless connection, the wired connection will be used by default.