Connexió a una xarxa sense fil


If there is no Wireless Connection shown see Troubleshooting (“Wireless troubleshooting”)

Connexió amb el gestor de xarxes (Network Manager)

Network Manager (SystemAdministrationNetwork) supports Roaming mode. This allows you to connect to any available wireless network in range.

  1. In the Taskbar click the Network Manager icon.

  2. Seleccioneu la vostra xarxa sense fil a la llista.

  3. Introduïu la vostra Contrasenya.

  4. Feu clic a Connecta.

Connecting to a hidden network

  1. Left click the Network Manager icon in the system tray.

  2. ClickConnect to Hidden Wireless Network

  3. In the network name text box enter the ESSID you are connecting to.

  4. Select the type of security used from the drop down list.

  5. Feu clic a Connecta.