Disable a network connection

Sometimes you may want to disable a network connection. There are several different ways of achieving this.

Disconnecting using Network Manager

It is likely that Network Manager is running your network connections. If so, you must disconnect from the network by disabling your network connection in Network Manager:

  1. Find the Network Manager icon in the notification area. It should look like a small signal strength indicator or a computer monitor and will probably be close to the clock.

  2. Right-click the icon and uncheck Enable Networking.

  3. You should be disconnected from the network.

Disconnecting using Network Settings

If Network Manager is not running, use the Network Settings tool to disconnect your network connection:

  1. Press SystemAdministrationNetwork.

  2. Press Unlock. Enter your administrative password and press the Authenticate button.

  3. Select the Connections tab.

  4. Uncheck your network connection to disconnect it.

  5. Press the Close button.

Disconnecting using the ifdown command

Ifdown is a command-line tool for disabling network connections.

To disable a network connection using ifdown:

  1. Press ApplicationsAccessoriesTerminal to open a terminal.

  2. Type sudo ifdown eth1 in the terminal and press Return. Replace eth1 with the name of your network interface if it is different.

  3. Enter your password if prompted.

  4. Your network connection should be disconnected.