Other Internet applications

The Internet has much more to offer besides web browsing, email and instant messaging. Ubuntu provides a selection of other applications to help you get the most out of the Internet.

Peer-to-Peer networks

Peer-to-peer (P2P) networks are a way of sharing files, music and videos between people from all around the world.

A popular P2P service is BitTorrent, and BitTorrent capability is included in Ubuntu by default. To use BitTorrent, find a .torrent file online, click on it in the Firefox Web Browser, and the Gnome BitTorrent client should start automatically.

To restart a download from a .torrent file that is already on your computer, double-click on it.

An alternative P2P application is the aMule File Sharing Client.

  1. Install the amule package from the “Universe” repository (see Add Applications).

  2. To open aMule, choose ApplicationsInternetaMule.

News Readers

You can automatically receive news updates from the Internet. There are several different types of news service to choose from:

  • Usenet is one of the oldest and allows you to discuss news and other topics with people from all around the world. Pan Newsreader is a news reader which works with Usenet.

    Install the pan package and then choose ApplicationsInternetPan Newsreader to start using Pan.

  • RSS feeds are a popular way of automatically receiving regular news updates and articles. Liferea Feed Reader is an RSS feed reader with many useful features.

    Install the liferea package and then choose ApplicationsInternetLiferea Feed Reader to start using Liferea.

Create News Feeds with Liferea

This section will cover a basic procedure to add news feeds to Liferea. Start Liferea by selecting ApplicationsInternetLiferea Feed Reader

  1. If you're behind a proxy, select ToolsPreferencesProxy and fill in your proxy details and click on the Close button,

  2. Press New Subscription on the Liferea toolbar,

  3. Press the Advanced button,

  4. Enter the address of the RSS feed in the Source box,

  5. Select the OK button to complete the procedure.

  6. Once you have create the news feed, click on the Update All toolbar button to update all your news feeds.