Capítol 1. Connect to the Internet

This section shows you how to connect to the Internet and home networks. You will also find troubleshooting guides within the sections.

Lastly, this section also provides a guide to Internet applications.


Network Manager is used in many sections of this guide - you can find it:

  1. In SystemAdministrationNetwork

  2. In the Notification Area. Its icon resembles two computer screens on top of each other, or a wireless signal indicator if you are connected to a wireless network.

Choose the method you wish to use to connect to the Internet:

  1. Wireless, see “Connexió a una xarxa sense fil”

  2. ADSL USB modems, see “USB ADSL Modems”

  3. ADSL PPPoE, see “PPPoE Modems”

  4. Dial up modems, see Capítol 5, Modems

Wired ethernet connections should work without configuration, if not then see “Tools to help with network connection problems”.